Our Redeemer Christian School is a non-discriminatory, non-denominational educational institution.


We believe that a strong, supportive foundation is the key to academic and social success for our children. With this in mind, our goals are to:

  • Equip children with a strong feeling of self-worth.

  • Recognize individual needs and differences.

  • Provide a comfortable Christian environment.

  • Support the total development of children – encourage social, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

  • Establish a partnership between home and school.

  • Provide an academically enriched / developmentally appropriate environment.

We offer classes for children age 2.5 to Kindergarten.  Our classrooms provide an enriching, developmentally appropriate atmosphere with an excellent child / teacher ratio. 

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Young Preschool

Our Early Preschool Program supports the young child's ability to move with a purpose through their environment, their enhanced power to communicate and to assert their independence and individuality. Children must be 2.5 by August 31st to enroll.

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Our preschool program supports the expanding interests of children as they begin to investigate the mechanics of their expanding world.  They experiment with their emerging use of language and make enormous educational strides in language, abstract thinking, and in the development of self and social skills.  Children must be 3 by August 31st to enroll. Learn more about our preschool classes.



Our Pre-K program offers a rich variety of projects and activities building upon already established language skills, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought.  Guided experiences, through learning centers, offer a broad range of skill development and understanding necessary for academic success.  Children must be 4 by August 31st to enroll. Learn more about our pre-k classes.

Kindergarten / Kinder-Prep

Our Kindergarten/Kinder-Prep program provides a comprehensive, individualized approach, challenging children and supports emergent learners.  The program expands on the children's knowledge base, skills, learning styles and interests.  Children should be 5 by December 1st to enroll. Learn more