Preschool Program

Our Preschool program offers a welcoming and caring atmosphere filled with many opportunities for your child to learn and grow as individuals.  Our program has a mix of both structured and unstructured time enabling children to learn at their own pace. We view play as an intricate part of childhood where children are able to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Geared towards children ages 3-4 

Morning programs available:




Class meets 3 hours per day

Class Size: 14 students max, 2 teachers

Main Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding that God has created each child to be special & unique.

  • To learn about God, themselves, their family and friends as well as their community.

  • Learning about ones body, senses, growth (physical, intellectual and emotional) and feelings.

  • Developing a sense of belonging in the world both socially and physically (i.e., in relation to family and friends), as well as an awareness of nature, animals and science.

  • Encourage children to make choices and practice individual decision-making skills.



  • Music, art, games, dramatic play, cooking experiences, outdoor and gross motor play, writing tools and materials for fine motor development. 

Christian Education Concepts:

  • God has made me special and given me special gifts

  • God has created a colorful and changing world

  • God sent His son into the world to save us

  • God has given us a special world

  • God put love in our hearts for others

  • We praise God for creating all things

  • We praise God for sending Jesus as our Savior

  • God is always with us

Daily Routine

  • Gathering Time/Free Choice

  • Welcome Circle: Devotional time, stories, flannel board activities, songs/finger plays, creative movement, discussions, & problem solving

  • Center Time: Art/special projects, games, manipulatives, dress-up, creative play, role-playing.

  • Large Muscle Playtime: outdoor/indoor play

  • Snack/Prayer/Quiet reading:

  • Closing Circle: Songs, School communications, review of the day, joining other classes for singing and chapel once per month