Our young Preschool Program provides an enjoyable, positive learning experience where your child can grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  This program is intended for children who will be 30 months by August 31st.  

Our Preschool Program supports the expanding interests of children as they begin to investigate the mechanics of their expanding world.  They experiment with their emerging use of language and make enormous educational strides in language, abstract thinking, and in the development of self and social skills.  This program is intended for children who have turned 3 by August 31st. 

Our Pre-K program offers a rich variety of projects and activities building upon already established language skills, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought.  Guided experiences, through learning centers, offer a broad range of skill development and understanding necessary for academic success.  This program in intended for children who have turned 4 by August 31st.  

Our half-day kindergarten / Kinder-Prep program provides a comprehensive, individualized approach to learning that challenges children and supports emergent learners.  The program expands on the children's knowledge base, skills, learning style and interests.  This program is intended for children who have or will turn 5 by November 1st of the intended school year.  

"We have been at ORCS for 11 years with 4 kids attending preschool through kindergarten” The staff here is amazing! They put so much love and energy into meeting each child's developmental needs. I could go on and on about how much I love this school but the fact that we keep coming back speaks for itself." 

-Lisa M


This is the preschool where professional teachers send their kids!  As an educator and a parent of two boys who are currently at ORCS, I am so impressed with the learning environment provided by this extremely experienced and caring staff. Creativity, curiosity, joy, silliness, discovery, and depth of understanding are nurtured through the very best educational practices. The teachers are so sensitive to developmental stages of the students and they meet each child where they are as unique individuals.   Each morning, my boys enter their classroom to a big hug and smile from their teachers and when I pick them up, they are talking about their day with joy in their hearts.  Entrust your kids to this staff, you will be amazed by the passion, care and quality of ORCS.

-Darcy M

My daughter and son both attended ORCS.  Looking back, I remember how hard it was to choose a preschool, but the moment I walked into ORCS I had a such a great feeling about the school, the staff and the environment.  The environment was so comforting and the staff felt like family.  Everyone was so welcoming and positive.  We have spent the last 6 years at ORCS between 2 children and I still feel the same way.  My son, now in Kindergarten at ORCS, loves school and my daughter who left 3 years ago still talks about how much she misses the teachers and pre-school.  The staff at ORCS are amazing! They all are so compassionate about what they do and it shows in their actions.  You can tell that they all love children and want school to be a fun and positive experience.  My children love school and I have ORCS to thank!  -Lindsay