kindergarten/Kinder-Prep program

This class is geared towards children of kindergarten age and those who will turn 5 by December 1st of the the current school year.


Students will learn about literacy through direct instruction and exploration within the classroom, utilizing these activities:

  • Pre-reading activities (listening to stories, "reading" books, etc.)

  • Elements of Books/Stories (title, author, character, setting, etc)

  • Handwriting

  • Letter Recognition

  • Sight Words

  • Journal Writing



We use Bridges Mathematics curriculum as the bulk of our math lessons which utilize centers/games to teach and reinforce our math concepts.  We also use our calendar time as a significant part of our math learning.  In Kindergarten, students will learn and work on:

  • Shapes

  • sorting & Patterning

  • Early Computation

  • Measurement

  • Money

  • Probability & Statistics


Social Studies / Science

Children are naturally inquisitive of their physical and biological environment.  We incorporate dramatic play, Muddy Friday walks, observation of change in seasons, Let's Find Out magazine (a weekly reader dealing with deasonal themes), etc... Some of our units that we cover during the year include:

  • Families

  • Our Communities

  • Animals

  • Plants

  • Holidays

  • Seasonal (Pumpkins, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.)


Free Choice

Each day children will have opportunities for Free Choice.  Students choose from a variety of centers including: Building, Reading, Art Cart, Dress-up Center, Writing Center, Play Dough, and Table Games.  They may move freely from center to center during this time.