Pre-kindergarten program

Our Pre-K program offers a rich variety of projects and activities building upon already established language skills, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought.  Guided experiences, through learning centers, offer a broad range of skill development and understanding necessary for academic success.

ages 4-5 (age 4 by August 31st)

Class Size: 16 students max, 2 teachers

Morning & Afternoon Program available.

T/W/Th 9-11:30am

M/T/Th 12:30-3pm

M/T/W/Th 12:30-3pm

Main Objectives

Self-realization, socialization, Kindergarten readiness, and spiritual awareness.



Music, art, games, dramatic play, cooking, offsite classes, fine and gross motor activities, show and tell.


Basic Skills

Learn through child centered play.

  • Math: Sets, classification, one-to-one correspondence, shapes, measuring, counting, matching, sorting, patterning, numbers, time (day, night, yesterday, today, tomorrow, etc.) days of the week, months of the year.

  • Science: sensory experience, problem solving, observation, and exploration with hands on activities.

  • Reading Readiness: listening and following directions, language experience and development, association, classification, patterning, sequencing, spatial relationships, rhyming.


Christian Education Concepts

  • I am Special because God created me

  • God Gives us Love to Share

  • I Thank God for All He Has Given Me

  • God Loves Us and Sent His Son

  • God Has a Plan for Each of Us

  • God Hears ME When I Pray

  • God Created the Wonderful World in Which I Live

  • God Loves All Children Everywhere


Daily Routine


  • Table Time Activities

  • Welcome Circle/Skill Building

  • Learning Centers/Choice Time

           (Small groups, individual activities, projects and exploration)

  • Circle Time

  • Wash/Prepare for snack

  • Prayer and Snack

  • Library Time

  • Large Muscle Playtime

             (Outdoors or indoors play room)

  • Closing Circle